Life is a Challenge, Face it.

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You know what is the best source of inspiration? It is the life itself. It finds its way no matter what. Like the plants finds the way to grow up even in the most unproductive place like rocks.

What is life? Its all about meeting the impossibilities. Knowing the unknown side of us. The one which has been hidden inside us since we are born and the most strange part of it is that we ourselves do not know that where this other one inside us lies…….its strange very strange.

Each and every one of us has the capability of making the difference and its never late for the things to get started. The only thing required is to have faith on yourself. Often we do disbelieve ourselves or the other times we do not believe us at all. But why? Who gave us the right to ruin ourselves. Nobody but we only have given this permission , we only let ourselves down. Why can’t we think constructive from our side? Its not that we do not want but we are afraid to do so.

Yes afraid of falling, afraid that people may laugh upon us, I will be a subject of others critics, they won’t believe me etc etc. Ok then let people laugh, let them criticize but there will be one person who will be happy for you that at least you tried no matter even if you fall, as it is the first step of learning to walk. And you know who that person will be ……………………………….

Its YOU my dear, yes you are the best friend of yours.

No body else can think as good about you as you yourself can. So do not suppress yourself on the name of various sacrifices.

Know the hidden personality inside you, groom it , beautify it as somebody else in the world may be in need of that beautiful person in you. And remember never give up when people laugh as they will always; first because you being so tiny and timid to dream so big and later  on your achievement of fulfilling your dreams.

But you will be able you make out the difference between the two laughs………..Of course the first time they will laugh to make your fun and later to appreciate you.

So lets not be afraid of dreaming big…………….ALL THE BEST

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I am writing for the newspaper since 2.5 years now. Also I use to blog at many social sites. Mostly my blogs are picked up from the day to day life. They are about us, our daily struggles, simple reasons to laugh, our forgotten friend, our life saving inspirational experiences, our deadly hardships, our distinguishing attitude, our relationship treasures, our energizing achievements, our sorrowful failures, our real-life personal issues on our way to happiness and fulfillment. In short my blogs are about us “we the ordinary people” doing extraordinary things in life. My aim is to provide a better, happy, beaming sunrise to the people so that they can attain the inner clarity and happiness. I am working with the purpose to energize people by motivational, practical and uplifting articles. My inspiration of writing is my own life and everybody else life around me. I try to find out meaning in every single movement that life takes.
  • Chetan Chauhan1981

    hi manishi, i really like your thoughts ,u are going in the right direction ,but i think you should study indian vedic philosphy to make your understanding more clear and precise on the topic , may i ask you if u meet god and you have the chance to ask three questions , then your question will be .

  • Manishi

    Wow now that's really interesting question. Well I would like to ask God the purpose of creation as every body seems doing same thing without ant storage for next birth. I mean every time starting with learning ABC again.My second question would be “Is there anyplace where allthe mankind sufferings would be ended. where there is no empty stomach. no crying eyes,Where life is doesn't far from thye fear of death. Where the air is filled only with love.” My third question would be “what mankind has to do to be there.”